The types of disputes and difficulties that arise for private individuals can vary greatly in nature; hence our practice covers many types of civil dispute.  We act for private individuals involved in disputes concerning a range of issues, for instance contractual claims, property related disputes, negligence actions, disputes over Wills and probate, employment litigation in the Courts and many other types of civil claim.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

A significant number of disagreements are capable of resolution without the need for court proceedings. It is important to take advice about your position as soon as a dispute arises. We have years of experience of achieving excellent outcomes for clients through round table discussions, mediation and/or arbitration. Often agreement or settlement can be achieved very quickly even without ADR.


Sometimes parties are not able to resolve their differences.  In those circumstances, those who must protect their interests may need to consider court action and all that that can encompass. Similarly, defendants in litigation should act in a way which protects their interests. This is generally done by participating in the proceedings as soon as possible and seeking resolution.  We have many years experience acting for private individuals from the start of proceedings through to judgment and enforcement in the Courts.

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