Our Charity Registration Questionnaire is to help us register your organisation as a charity. Please note that before we can assist you, we are required by our regulator to first confirm your identity, undertake certain checks and also send you a letter confirming our services and fees. We will contact you to arrange this using the contact information you provide on the form.  If we are not able to assist you, please be assured that the information provided on this form will be kept confidential and will not be used for marketing purposes unless you confirm you are happy to receive marketing information from us.

Please note that this online form cannot be saved and returned to. A Word version of the form can be downloaded here so that you can see the questions that will be asked. If you would prefer to do so you could instead complete the Word document and return it to us by email.

CHARITY REGISTRATION QUESTIONNAIRE - the charity registration questionnaire is currently being updated and cannot be accessed.  The form will be available again shortly in the meantime please contact a member of the charity team for advice. 

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