In addition to the normal commercial considerations that must be dealt with when dealing with interests in land, for a transaction involving a charity there are other procedures that must be followed.

A charity disposing of property must obtain specialist valuation advice under the requirements of the Charities Act 2011 and must also comply with any restrictions under its constitution as to the disposition of the property and the application of any proceeds of sale.

In addition to advice on disposing and acquiring land, we can assist with:

First Registrations of charity land (including those where the title deeds have been lost or destroyed or where paper title to the land has never existed);

  • Leases;
  • Easements;
  • Licences to Occupy;
  • Clawback and overage agreements;
  • Planning matters;
  • Mortgaging of charity land;
  • Redevelopment projects;
  • Dealing with restrictive covenants;
  • Business rates issues;
  • Property related disputes;
  • Reverter of School Sites issues.