Buying or selling a business can be a complex process – without sound legal advice from the outset. Thought needs to be given to the type of business involved, its assets, its liabilities, legal implications and accountancy implications only to name a few!

• Finance
• Property
• Warranties and Disclosures
• Tax issues including VAT & TOGC
• Employment issues- particularly in relation to TUPE
• Non-competition covenants
• Management Buyouts
• Conveyancing and General Property Advice
• Data Protection
• Debt Collection
• Dispute Resolution

If you are the Seller you will need to provide disclosure and if you are the Buyer, you will need to undergo a due diligence process. In the case of the Seller, we will ensure that the Seller is not giving disclosure in a way that might lead to claims by the Buyer at a later date, and in the case of the Buyer, we will ensure that the due diligence is carried out in a way as to protect the investment being made.

Whether you are a buyer or the seller, you will come to appreciate the level of service and assistance provided by our solicitors throughout, based on legal expertise and a sound commercial grounding.

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