Trustee Training

Pothecary Witham Weld offers various trustee training events covering topics relating to the duties and liabilities of charity trustees. This can be a general overview of trustee duties and we are also happy to cover specific topics of concern in more detail if requested, for instance conflicts of interest or financial benefits to trustees.

These can be structured as 1-2 hour sessions or longer, day sessions with lunch provided.

The trustee training workshops start from £150 + VAT.

If you would like to arrange a workshop, please contact Gerald Kidd or Michele Price.

The process for conversion is broadly as follows. A new CIO will need to be registered at the Charity Commission, which will have a new charity number. The original charity will need to formally decide to transfer its business to the new CIO. It will also need to identify the assets, liabilities and commitments that will be transferring and take steps to ensure these are transferred properly. Once this process is complete the original charity will need to be wound up and the Charity Commission notified of this. Various other parties may need to be notified, including HMRC, banks, and funders.

Our fees for assisting with this process start from £1200 + VAT for a simple conversion, and this would include us:

  • Applying for Charity Commission consent, which will usually be required
  • Drafting a constitution for the CIO
  • Registering the new CIO with the Charity Commission
  • Drafting a simple Transfer Agreement to transfer all of the old charity’s business to the new CIO.

It may be necessary to undertake additional work for a successful conversion, for instance dealing with the transfer of land or complex assets or liabilities (e.g. permanent endowment, pensions) or the transfer of employees. Our overall fee would therefore depend on the particulars of your charity and how much the trustees would like us to be involved in the different steps of the process. For this reason our approach is to first meet with you and discuss the particulars of your charity and your options, for which we charge an initial fee of £150 + VAT. We would then be able to suggest a realistic quote for assisting you with however much of the process as you prefer, and if you instructed us to proceed we would waive the fee for our initial meeting.

London Legal Walk 2015

Thousands of lawyers set to march in London for justice

More than 100 judges to pound the streets

Solicitors, barristers, legal executives and thousands of other professionals working in London's legal sector are set to march on London on 18 May to raise vital funds for the London Legal Support Trust (LLST), an independent charity that raises funds for free legal services in London and the South East.

The annual London Legal Walk, sponsored by the Law Society, one of several legal charity walks that take place around the country. This year will see more than 8,000 lawyers, including more than 100 judges and magistrates, take to the streets of the capital to walk 10k together to raise much-needed money for free legal advice agencies. Over 500 teams have signed up for the charity walk from different parts of the legal sector. Lead walkers include Lord Neuberger, the President of the Supreme Court, Lord Thomas, the Lord Chief Justice and Alison Saunders CB, the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Bob Nightingale, chief executive, London Legal Support Trust said: "The London Legal Walk is one of the few times of the year when the legal sector, from barristers chambers, to law firms, to legal publishers, judges and anyone with even the slightest link to law in London , come together for one very important cause - to raise funds in unison to help people get access to free specialist legal advice.

"At the LLST, we see first-hand the impact of the austerity measures have had on access to justice for ordinary people who struggle to find legal advice and support they can afford. Legal advice charities, have felt the full brunt of not only legal aid cuts, but also cuts to  council funding, which means people looking to voluntary advice agencies for help have fewer options. The money raised by the sponsored 10k walk will go some way to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable of those people."

Last year, lawyers raised more than £560,000 through the London Legal Walk. Since the first London Legal Walk in 2005 at which 330 walkers raised £37,000 the Trust has held events and raised donations totalling more than £4 million.  All of that has come from or through the legal profession.

The increase in compensation limits for employment cases has been announced for 2015. Where the complaint takes place on or after 6th April 2015, the maximum compensation for a week's pay will rise to £475; the maximum compensatory award will increase to £78,335

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