Governance Workshops

Pothecary Witham Weld offers governance workshops to charities and not for profit organisations who will be able to meet with two members of the Charities team. The workshop is an informal meeting which can last up to two hours. It is designed to cover the hallmarks of good governance and suggest ways in which an organisation can improve its decision making and accountability. It is an opportunity for the organisation to ask questions and discuss any concerns.

Specifically the aims of the workshop are to:

  • Review the organisation’s governing document and establish whether it continues to offer a modern and workable set of rules and procedures
  • Identify whether Trustee appointments continue to operate efficiently
  • Review how operational decisions are taken and whether there is an appropriate balance between the Trustee Board and the Staff and Executive of the organisation
  • Identify the key risks that the organisation is exposed to, which individuals are liable for such risk, and how such risks can be mitigated
  • Review the organisation’s assets and financial procedures in order to establish whether effective controls are in place
  • Review the level of public benefit advanced by the organisation  and whether there are any conflicts of interest or private benefits in order to identify any legal or regulatory issues

The workshop is offered for a fixed fee of £150 plus VAT. It is open for as many representatives and Trustees from the organisation that wish to attend. If you would like to arrange a workshop, please contact Gerald Kidd or Michele Price.

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